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Date: Fri May 6 18:07:00 1994
From: mojo90210[at]
Subject: Why is the JBC obscure?

No, I'm not on the CRAP side at all... he's giving himself the freedom to
experiment "artistically" if you will, and artists "fail" now and again. I
see the merits of most everything he does (except "Love Kittens" and "Bigfoot
Motel" and "Death Dentist" stuff, which is, frankly, crap as only "juvenalia"
can be...) but I'm not sure if he should be doing art in the middle of his
otherwise accessible albums.

"Shirley Maclaine" should have been the biggest hit since "Hey Jude" but
nobody heard it! Is JBC as obscure in Europe? I'd guess not, but from the
recent tour diary, it is apparent that they're not playing the festival
circuit over there, either.

Have we determined if Pat WANTS to be obscure? Kurt Cobain would have traded
places in a minute from the sound of things. Sounds like the JBC has a blast
wherever they go, and it's still something of an adventure, so maybe it's for
the best.

Wouldn't you rather play a cozy, no-pressure set where you could be
spontaneous and wild, then party with the crowd afterward? Or would you
rather be rehearsed to death, choreographed, synchronized, and afraid your
fans are going to tear you apart if you show your face after the show?

So, it's NOT crap... it's artistic freedom and possibly deliberate obscurity.
(And lousy record label handling.)