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Date: Thu, 5 May 94 10:07:31 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Why is the JBC obscure?

> > New topic for discussion: "The Jazz Butcher: Crap or What?"
> I think the answer to that is: What? As in - definitely not
> Crap. :)

Well, you would say that. I think we need to co-opt some brain
dead Rush fan or something onto this group to inject a note of

> Other things to consider about JB lack of popularity (depressing
> subject, I know) - rather off-the-wall humour that may not appeal
> to everyone,

Well, you may be right.... I guess a cursory listen to the earlier
stuff might give the impression that The Jazz Butcher (crazy name,
crazy guy!) is some kind of a novelty band. But we know better, huh?

Evidence: I know when I first heard Butch (a phrase that reminds me
of Swaggart saying "When I met Jesus I was a SINNER") I was young,
impressionable and *amused* by it. "Funneeee songs!". I was kind of
into novelty at the time so I stuck it out.

Perhaps there's such a thing as being too clever within the popular