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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 02:23:25 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: JBC gig list - help!

hello everyone.

i am experimenting to a (WWW searchable) database of Jazz Butcher
gigs, and i am asking for assistance.

i have exhausted my obvious sources, and have come up
with 188 JBC "events" - 160 of those being regular live shows,
and those are listed below.

what i need is any additions or corrections to what i have here.
i am pretty sure that some of the dates for the west coast gigs are wrong..
although only live shows are listed below, i am trying to gather
anything not published - interviews, articles, videos, etc.

i have been adding anything known about an "event" -
the soundman, players, tunes, encores, interviewer, radio station, etc.

for those of you who have been browsing the JBC Home Page,
this will be incorporated soon through a forms input.
you will be able to view specific info (such as "interviews"),
and search for text (when have they played in Austria?, whats
the last Max gig?).

i may convert the archives to searchable data as well.

ObNewNews - none.


18Dec82 Northampton, UK Black Lion
25Jun83 Oxford, UK Merton College
21Aug83 Northampton, UK Derngate Centre
7Dec84 Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg
8Dec84 H'Burg, Germany Onkel Po
30Dec84 London, UK I.C.A.
22Mar85 Orbro, Sweden Rockmagasinet
24Mar85 Stockholm, Sweden Kolingsborg
17Apr85 H'Burg, Germany Markthalle
23Apr85 H'Burg, Germany Onkel Po
25Apr85 Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg
3May85 Stafford, UK Stafford College
?Jul85 London, UK Claredon
5Sep85 Kent, UK Staple (party)
Oct85 London, UK Electric Ballroom
9Nov85 H'Burg, Germany Onkel Po
20Nov85 Munich, Germany Manege
7Mar86 London, UK Goldsmith's College
27Feb86 Nates, France Salon
13Mar86 London, UK The Cricketer's
3May86 London, UK Rock Garden
16Jul86 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Maxwell's
26Jul86 Cambridge, MA, USA Jonathan Swift's
24Jul86 Toronto, Canada RPM
25Jul86 Guelph, Ontario, Canada The Loft
31Jul86 Chicago, Illinois, USA Cabaret Metro
14Nov86 H'Burg, Germany Markthalle
2Dec86 Vienna, Austria Szene Wien
5Dec86 Cesena, Italy Vidia
26Jan87 H'Burg, Germany Logo
3Feb87 Nancay, France Careau Des Dominicains
7Feb87 Poitiers, France Confort Moderne
20Mar87 London, UK Pop Bar
18Sep87 Sheffield, UK The Groovy Fishtank
10Mar88 Rennes, France Salle Ubu
14Mar88 Berlin, Germany Loft
17Mar88 H'Burg, Germany Markthalle
18Mar88 Burgerpark, Germany Braunschweig
6Apr89 Paris, France Le Troupeau
6Jul89 Berlin, Germany Loft
7Jul89 H'Burg, Germany Grosse Freiheit 36
10Jul89 Frankfurt, Germany Cookie's
1Sep89 London, UK Powerhaus
Sep89 Leeds, UK Duchess Of York
Nov89 Edmonton, Alberts, Canada Dinwoodie Lounge
9Nov89 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA JC Dobbs
17Nov89 Chicago, Illinois, USA Lounge Ax
18Nov89 Madison, Wisconsin, USA Rathskeller
9Dec89 Los Angeles, California, USA Roxy
10Dec89 San Juan Capistrano, California The Coach House
18Dec89 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Tippetina's
19Dec89 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Cotton Club
19Dec89 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Cotton Club
Sep90 Tonara, Sardinia Rockarea Festival
5Nov90 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1st Avenue
6Nov90 Chicago, Illinois, USA Cabaret Metro
7Nov90 Cleveland, Ohio, USA Peabody's
8Nov90 Toronto, Canada The Diamond
9Nov90 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Peter Clark Hall
10Nov90 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Club Soda
11Nov90 Boston, MA, USA Paradise
12Nov90 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Maxwell's
13Nov90 New York, New York, USA Marquis
14Nov90 Washington DC, USA 930 Club
15Nov90 Chapel Hill, North Carolina Cat's Cradle
16Nov90 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Masquerade
17Nov90 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Jimmy's
19Nov90 Austin, Texas, USA Liberty Lunch
20Nov90 Dallas, Texas, USA Trees
23Nov90 Hollywood, California, USA Roxy
25Nov90 San Franscisco, California, USA Slim's
18Jun91 London, UK Mean Fiddler
Dec91 Stuttgart, Germany Maxim Gorki
24Apr92 Athens, Georgia, USA Georgia Theatre
25Apr92 Atlanta, Georgia, USA Turtle's Records
26Apr92 Chapel Hill, North Carolina Cat's Cradle
28Apr92 Baltimore, Maryland, USA Max's
29Apr92 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA JC Dobbs
1May92 Washington DC, USA 930 Club
2May92 New York, New York, USA Tramp's
3May92 Providence, Rhode Island, USA Club Babyhead
5May92 Cambridge, MA, USA Night Stage
6May92 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Club Soda
7May92 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Zaphod
8May92 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Bomb Shelter
9May92 Toronto, Canada El Macambo
10May92 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Trashateria
13May92 Cleveland, Ohio, USA Peabody's
15May92 Chicago, Illinois, USA Lounge Ax
16May92 Chicago, Illinois, USA Tower Records
16May92 Chicago, Illinois, USA Lounge Ax
2Jun92 San Francisco, California, USA Slim's
3Jun92 Los Osos, California, USA Sweet water Saloon
6Jun92 Hollywood, California, USA Roxy
7Jun92 San Jose, California, USA F/X
12Jun92 Dallas, Texas, USA Club Clearview
13Jun92 Austin, Texas, USA Liberty Lunch
14Jun92 Houston, Texas, USA Fitzgeralds
15Jul92 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Tippetina's
17Jun92 Birmingham, Alabama, USA Nick's
16Feb93 Paris, France Theatre L'European
17Feb93 Bordeaux, France Le Jimmy
18Feb93 Nates, France Floride
19Feb93 Rennes, France Ubu
20Feb93 Lorient, France Le Manege Enchante
21Feb93 Morlaix, France Le Coatelan
24Feb93 Breda, Holland Zanetti
25Feb93 Amsterdam, Holland Kremlin
26Feb93 Breda, Holland Para
26Feb93 Breda, Holland Zanetti
27Feb93 H'Burg, Germany Logo
28Feb93 Berlin, Germany Loft
1Mar93 Munich, Germany Charterhalle
2Mar93 Cologne, Germany Luxor
4Mar93 Valenza Po, Italy Circolo Palomar
5Mar93 Florence, Italy Auditorium Flog
6Mar93 Forli, Italy Ex Macchina
7Mar93 Salzburg, Austria Nonntal
9Mar93 Lienz, Austria Glocklturm
10Mar93 Innsbruck, Austria Utopia
11Mar93 Vienna, Austria Szene Wien
12Mar93 Ebensee, Austria Kino
13Mar93 Dornbirn, Austria Spielboden
15May93 London, UK Mean Fiddler
28Oct93 London, UK Forum
23Dec93 Northampton, UK The Racehorse
15Aug93 Northampton, UK Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar)
27Aug93 Santa Monica, California, USA Congo Square
29Aug93 La Jolla, California, USA Discafe
3Sep93 London, UK Mean Fiddler
9Sep93 London, UK Powerhaus
15Sep93 Northampton, UK Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar)
20Oct93 Northampton, UK Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar)
22Oct93 Northampton, UK The Rocking Horse
30Oct93 St. Quentin, France Festivale De Devenir
12Nov93 Breda, Holland Zinetti
13Nov93 Colmar, France Maison De La Jeunesse
15Nov93 Besancon, France Tao's Blue
17Nov93 Strasbourg, France La Salamandre
19Nov93 Paris, France Passage Du Nord-Ouest
27Nov93 London, UK The Venue
22Dec93 Northampton, UK Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar)
1Feb94 H'Burg, Germany Logo
2Feb94 Berlin, Germany Loft
3Feb94 Bremen, Germany Roemer
4Feb94 Dortmund, Germany Livestation
5Feb94 Bielefeld, Germany Kamp
6Feb94 Frankfurt, Germany Nahtleben
8Feb94 Geneva, Switzerland L'Usine
9Feb94 Fribourg, Switzerland Cafe Des Grandes Places
10Feb94 Zurich, Switzerland Palais Xtra
11Feb94 Bern, France I.S.C.
12Feb94 Moudon, France Anciennes Prisons
15Feb94 Toulouse, France Le Bikini
16Feb94 Clermont-Ferrand, France Club 3000
17Feb94 Paris, France Arapaho
18Feb94 Dorrecht, Holland Odd Balls
19Feb94 Breda, Holland Zinetti
10Mar94 London, UK Upstairs At The Garage
8Apr94 London, UK Mean Fiddler