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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 94 10:09:44 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: We Love You

> have you been drinking?
> the rest of us, except chris, have.

Chris *still* not drinking? Jeez.

> Speaking of obscure JBC stuff, I saw a 12" back in 1991 called "We Love You".
> I've never seen or heard about it since. Info, details?

Well, I'm sure others will fill you in on the details but I think I
like "We Love You". (Didn't this appear on the sinful beat tape?)

It's the sort of dancey remix rolling stones oblig cover that they did.
It appeared on the Creation Dance compilation ("Keeping the Faith"),
but whether they made it for that or it just so happened that the dance
compilation came out soon afterwards gawd alone knows.

My (then) flatmate was kept awake to all hours because the intro to the
"One for the band" mix was just *too* good.

Anyway, I knew about it only through chance and the curious fact that
it made it up to *No.3* in the/a dance chart in the UK. I had to hunt
round most of the records shops in the West Midlands to find it and
even then it was under the counter in plain brown wrapping.

Good dancesque music *and* by the JBC. Truly a great awakening.

ed. (enjoying *emphasising* things today)