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Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 14:22:17 -0700
From: bb037[at] (Marshall Gooch)
Subject: New JBC Newbie

Hiya folks. Marsh Gooch from Seattle, WA. I'm new to the list and
thought I'd introduce myself. Hi. I've been into the JBC since I
first got hold of Scandal In Bohemia when I was in college radio
in the early '80s. I've dug them/him ever since. I'm a writer for
a local music mag, The Rocket, and have reviewed most of the JBC
* If I'm not mistaken, the latest release is Waiting For
The Love Bus, right? Or am I sadly behind the times?
* Anyhow, I'm a music programmer by day and a budding
graphic designer by night. Plus I love baseball, writing, and
am into the following bands (and many more): The Damned, Elvis C.,
Robyn Hitchcock, XTC, Squeeze, Juliana Hatfield, Belly, Liz
Phair, Goober & The Peas, etc. etc.

Looking forward to walking and talking and thinking and looking
and acting like a true JBC fan...

Marsh Gooch (bb037[at]