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Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 11:38:52 -0400
From: ei667[at] (Nora Holden)
Subject: Hello...

Hi, I've just joined the Jazz Butcher mailing list, and I've been ordered
to introduce myself to the rest of the list... :)
I really like the Jazz Butcher, but don't have a whole lot of the albums
due to the fact that many of them seem to be hard to find, at least around
here. I've got...umm..._Fishcotheque_, _Big Planet Scarey Planet_, and
_Cult Of The Basement_. I also have some stuff from the other albums from
tapes people have sent me.
Errr...I'm 18, live in Cleveland, Ohio; other bands I like include the
Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, Big Star, the Kinks, the Posies, Camper Van
Beethoven, American Music Club, Pink Floyd, Robyn Hitchcock...
If anyone has info on mail ordering JB records I don't have, please let me
So just how many people are on this list, anyway? Curious...

N. K. Holden (ei667[at]
1352 Kenilworth Ave. Apt. 305, Lakewood, OH 44107 USA