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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 94 13:45:13 BST
From: smeats[at] (Steve Meats LDC 2392)
Subject: Introdution / "Belgium" / JBC Net Alert

It's probably time I introduced myself. I've been loitering in the background,
but haven't posted anything yet. I am Stephen Meats (a.k.a. Syd Meats) :
singer/ songwriter/ acoustic performer and pretend electronics engineer.

I first met Pat Fish in about 1989/ 1990ish when we both gave live performances
on the same radio show. "Boothby Graffoe Live" used to go out from BBC Radio
Lincolnshire on Friday nights a few years back. The presenter Boothby Graffoe
( real name James Rogers ) is a stand up comedian. His show was a mixture of
topical comedy sketches, phone calls and music. My contribution to the show
was a live song every week. "Graffoe" used to play quite a bit of Jazz Butcher stuff on the show and Pat came to the studio a couple of times ( although he only actually performed once). Sleeve-notes fans will find that James Rogers
is creditted with backing vocals on Condition Blue ( he is responsible for
some of the "Russian" singing ).

Since the days of the Boothby Graffoe shows I've see the JBC perform a quite
a few times, but often in more unconventional settings for gigs. I don't
know if "Belgium" has been mentioned here before, but I'll mention it anyway.
There's a bar on Bridge Street in Northampton called Slurps, where the JBC give
the occasional Wednesday night performance. Pat calls it Belgium on account of
its similarity to a Belgian-type drinking establishment.

The JBC did a "Belgium" on Wednesday 13th April. The line-up was the same as
for the Mean Fidler (see Matt Cockerill's posting) but with a drum machine in
place of Gabriel Turner. ( No he hasn't been sacked ! It's only a small venue,
and it's a long way for him to come up from Bristol .)

The band had a read of Matt's Mean Fidler review and laughed at Dooj's "vocals"
being put in quotes. Dooj took exception to this, so the band put Matt
Cockerill in quotes and laughed at him. The JBC played for about 90minutes.
The set was similar to the Mean Fidler, but with Betty Page in there somewhere
and finishing with Goodnight Irene. It was a nice cosy intimate gig. Pat's
mother had come down from Cumbria to terrorise Northampton with bread rolls
and Mr Safeway's Vodka.

JBC NET ALERT : Dooj has access to a Mac, although it's not networked. The band
were toying with the idea of passing Mac disks to me for input to the list.
Pat has put something in the post to Dave ( a few days ago I think ) so there
should be some on-line-Fish soon.

ACOUSTIC GIG ALERT : Pat Fish and Dave Henderson are coming to Lincoln ( the
place where this post is coming from ) to do an acoustic gig on Sat 21st May.
It will be at the Albion Suite of the Barbican Hotel. The billing for the gig
is JBC + Syd Meats ( Me ! ) + Carl Doris.
It is a part of a series of "Live and Unplugged" gigs that I'm involved with.

BELGIUM ALERT : The JBC play Belgium for real next week. They'll be down in
the deep south of Belgium, right near the Luxembourg border.

Bye for now,

Syd Meats, Lincoln, UK smeats[at]

"Evolution's getting on my nerves" - The Jazz Butcher