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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 94 09:34:12 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: London gig... etc.

Argh. I hate that. I was in London on Friday and I missed this bastard Mean
Fiddler gig. Totally sick about it, can you believe that? ????

Would like to have seen Pat play something more restful, I always seem to
catch him rockin' out...

Still, no doubt if I had tried to get there, then some horrible public
transport accident would have conspired to prevent me (see previous two
attempts to see him play).

I'm curious about this Creation Compilation. It was offered (well, same name -
different product) as a cut down eight or ten track sampler through some dodgy
token collecting scheme in a music paper here in the UK (can't remember which
one). UK version certainly didn't include JBC, Felt, Momus, Nikki Sudden or
even - surprisingly - Biff Bang Pow!.

Re: "Extra Tracks" on WFTLB... doesn't sound too much like anyone's missing
anything. Unlike "Fertiliser" on CotB, of course, which I have still NEVER
HEARD due to my oldy-worldy preference for vinyl. Not that you can buy the
last three JBC albums on vinyl, of course... grumble.

Speaking of vinyl. I spent the time I should have been planning how to get to
the Mean Fiddler scouting round some of the more obscure record shops that I
know in London in a sort of JBC availablility survey type thing. CDs of CotB
onwards are easy to find. Fishcotheque, BPSP and CotB are all £2.50 on vinyl
in Cheapo Cheapo Records and, where previously I would wander into Vinyl
Experience and lovingly gaze upon the Scandal in Bohemia CD, that's now been
sold. That was the last pre-creation JBC product on sale that I knew of. Looks
like people wanting to update their scratchy old discs are out of luck...


"Christmas time, mistletoe and wine"