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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 13:24:00 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: Creation/TriStar comp: Patron Saints Of Teenage

i knew there was a reason to take a lunch break today.

the local record store had a promo copy of the new US release:
The Patron Saints Of Teenage, which contains tracks by various
Creation artists - Weather Prophets, Biff Bang Pow!, Jasmine Minks,
Jazz Butcher, The Loft, Slaughter Joe, Momus, Telescopes, Felt,
Pastels, Bodines, X-men, Revolving Paint Dream, Nikki Sudden,
and Meat Whiplash.

for those who had to wait for the domestic Love Bus release, the
last two sentences of this from the liner notes should cheer you up:

"Led by the charming Pat Fish (aka Jazz Butcher), this band have been a
staple on the indie/college circuit of both the US and Europe for quite some
time now. Members have included David J of Bauhaus/Love And Rockets fame
and the legendary Max Eider. The first half of their career was spent on
the now defunct Glass Records. The Jazz Butcher came to the attention of
US indie fans with the release of Bloody Nonsense, an early "Best Of"
collection. This was followed by Distressed Gentlefolk and they have since
continued to attract fans on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1988 they
moved over to Creation, and released Fishcotheque, with Pat Fish brininging
a new group of musicians on board. Since then, the Butcher have released
six albums including Big Planet, Scarey Planet, Cult Of The Basement
and Condition Blue - all college radio favourites. Their studio versions
of `Do You want to Dance?' and that old Fred Neil hit, `Everybody's
Talking', will be found on their latest release, Waiting For The Love Bus.
Pay attention! These tracks are not available on the import version of the

damn. ok. some of you have the Bus already... is this last bit true?
calling Tim Connors... paging Tim Connors...