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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 08:48:28 -0400
From: bj835[at] (Tim Connors)
Subject: Pat on Robyn

Regarding the Jazz Butcher's views on Robyn Hitchcock:

I don't suppose I need to point the lyrical salute in
"the Hairbrush & the Tank": "She said she likes the Soft Boys
Best..." (this is made to sound like a favorable comment in the
context of the song.)

Also, on the Cult of the Basement Tour, I spoke briefly to Pat
while his chums the Aeroplanes were getting ready to play.
I was wearing a Tshirt with one of those Robyn Hitchcock
ibis logoes. He said, "Hey, nice T-shirt." I should add that this
mild-mannered greeting stands in stark contrast to more surly
comments I got at a Condition Blue era show, during which I
was _not_ wearing the Robyn tee.

Of course, I probably deserved what I got for being a fanboy
doofus... Anyway, I don't want to start a let's
criticize/defend Pat Fish thread. I just wanted to point out
that I thought he was a Hitchcock fan. In fact, I was kind of
surprised at the affectionately? disparaging comments on RH
posted earlier.

TJC "Surprisingly tasty..."
* The Jazz Butcher ("JB v. Prime Minister")

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