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Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 14:56:21 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: talk of references

i noticed another JBC lyric self-quote:

Sweetwater (WFTLB) - "Oh sweet water sometimes it feels like ancient rome"

* brings to mind:

New Invention (BPSP) - "Ancient Rome in your very own home"

both tunes are roughly about TheCaliforniaExperience.
still i wonder, is there a real place that sells "ancient rome" in CA,
or was pat just short on images for sweetwater?

i asked him about that song, specifically how the intro is out of place,
and how the last verse seems forced.

intro - that 8-bar was cut-n-pasted from another tune that never made it.
last verse - "yeah, so i ran out of ideas". or something like that.

i think sweetwater is a good tune that could have been a great tune
if only the final verse continued with the effortlessness of the first few.

the local (hip, well they tell us so) radio station continues to
play stuff off of condition blue a few times a week - without my prodding.
this is a good sign for them possibly sponsoring a JBC gig in this town.

94 dream bill:
* The JBC opening for Luna.
94 nightmare bill:
* Vergiftung opening for the JBC.

wha? dont ask.

the JBC WWW stuff chugs happily away at free cycles on my machine,
but it still needs a clever introduction for the world..

people who can access the WWW home page may want to give me
some feedback on its organization... a couple hundred sites have
already checked it out, and typical access pattern goes much like this:

* 1) see home page.
* 2) flee, or possibly:
* see "audio" and click on it
* 3) listen to "The Biggest Loudest Hairiest Group of All"
* 4) flee, or foolishly:
* listen to excerpts from the Eg interview
* 5) *then* flee

* fair i guess, but maybe an advertising major among us could
* give me some pointers to making someone go: "Yeah! give me more!"

do it for the butcher