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Date: Tue, 8 Mar 94 19:46:47 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: you can only blame yourselves...

it seems that no one took the threat seriously when pat said:
> Somebody said something about a second Black Eg album.
> If you send enough money NOW I may still be in a position to do
> something about preventing this AWFUL THING from happening.

got some news this afternoon..
there WILL be another Black Eg release through creation.
martin is being sent an advance copy since his wife's voice
is the very first thing heard on the record.

the north american tour begins tentatively "the end of may",
and martin stebbing will once again be doing sound.

all Sinful Beat and other strange jazz butcher tapes
requested have been made and sent (whew!)