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Date: Mon, 7 Mar 94 10:56:31 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: talk of references

> "I never dreamed she'd turn up in her own song" & "You wrote a song about going
> to sea" from Girl Go, from which the music is shared with Perfect Disaster,

golll! I'd always assumed that it was about Shumista Brahm (sp?) who
wrote "Lost at Sea" but obviously not.... justr shows that I should get
out more.

> Does Twin Peaks count? If so, then count "Honey" from CB. I can't think of
> any others right now.

Well, no. But there's a bit of a lynchy thing going on isn't there?
Samples from "Blue Velvet" ('He is a sick and dangerous man' is that
Burglar of Love?) and so on.

Now you've got WFTLB, I'd be interested to hear what you / others think
about President Chang. I've said it before (but that never stops me) but
I thought it was a pretty droopy limp song on the album, but live it
*rocked*. I think it's great now. Do other people like it or am I alone
in my Road-to-Damascus-type conversion re:president chang?

> How come no one ever talks about "Nothing Special"?

because it's perfect, there's nothing else to say about it. No, really,
it is. but that bit about neighbours jumping from a thirteenth storey
window puzzles me. I'm *sure* that's a reference to something else but
I'm damned if I can remember what it was. Any ideas, anyone?

Oh... which reminds me of the _most obvious_ reference of all: Lot 49.

> yes. but can you name the movie? :-)

16:29 to 17:42... you didn't give us much time to send our entries in,
didya? Never seen Betty Blue but everyone tells me I should... now
you're all doing it to. Is there no rest until I see it? Why am I
always doing something else when it's on at the cinema? Is this

more to follow.