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Date: Sat, 5 Mar 1994 15:24:35 -0800 (PST)
From: racerx[at]
Subject: talk of references

A while back youall were talking of butcher references to other songs...

in Girls Say Yes: "It was Almost Brooklyn, it was almost impossible..."

and more lifting from the Velvet Underground:
from SweetWater:

"There are problems in this world, I know, but right now none of them are mine"


"Hoagy Carmichael never came here, Dave" referring to David J. song on
Urban Urbane _Hoagy Carmichael never came to New Orleans_ or something like that.

Or how 'bout this:

"Sharin' a room with tough Dave's replacement, looking all the time for a bank"

from Hairbrush and the tank, which is the same song ( with different lyrics)
as Vandal and the Saint by David J. Anyone know which came first?

Oh, I thought of one more:

"I never dreamed she'd turn up in her own song" & "You wrote a song about going
to sea" from Girl Go, from which the music is shared with Perfect Disaster,
from their song "All the Stars", which is about going to sea and wanting to jump
in. Again, anyone know which came first?

Then, on the topic of sci-fi references:

Does Twin Peaks count? If so, then count "Honey" from CB. I can't think of
any others right now.

And finally, no more waiting for waiting for the love bus.

I found it in the used section of a small local record store, 8.98, import
copy. Joy. I like it okay, but some of the songs get a little repetitive...
and there's still not as much lilt in the lyrics, except for sweetwater and
penguins, and I guess maybe Ben. I like the feel of Rosemary... but not the
repetitious listing of sound effect titles. Ghosts is cool and mello and
kind of new wave... reminds me of a flock of seagulls.

Angel Station grows on you. It seems that ever since Angels, Butch has been
attempting to end his albums with a really killer mellow song, but I don't think

he has written one as good as angels ( i guess that goes without saying ).

Angels (DG)
Keeping the Curtains Closed (FT) (okay maybe not this one)
The Good Ones (BPSP)
Sister Death (CotB) (I never cared for this one much)
Racheland (CB) ++good
Angel Station (WftLB) like I said, this one grows on you.

Anyway, one last comment and I'm outta here...

How come no one ever talks about "Nothing Special"? I think that is one
of his best songs, and it goes hand in hand with Angels... I hardly ever listen
to the two of them separately. I've never heard it in concert, though.
Does Pat have an aversion to this song? I wonder why they faded out the ending.
You can still here the end, but it just sort of disappears. I've tried manually
adjusting the volume here to hear what it would have sounded like if they didn't
fade it out, and I think I liked it better. Oh ah.