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Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 13:47:02 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Sci-fi references in the Jazz Butcher's songs

> Can anyone
> think of songs other than Southern Mark Smith
> and Harlan that refer to fantasy or science fiction?

Entering train-spotting mood again:

There's more than one reference in butch-toons to my favourite
prehistoric-yet-somehow-also-modern-day do-gooder, Godzilla.
Panic in Room 109 springs to mind, but there's more than just that one I know.
Just can't think of them at the moment sitting here and nursing a

> HTML text for the Jazz Butcher

Isn't Pat's WWW home page the coolest thing? Have the boffins at NCSA
been notified? I think it should find its way onto the "What's New on the
WWW" page.