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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 11:19:02 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Buying Things

The more I post to this group, the less I seem to say about the
Jazz Butcher. Still, here we go again...

I got a note from Mick Bund (ex Felt) in the post today and he says
that his band, Mexico 70, are releasing their second single
("Wonderful Lie") and first album in the USA during February,
followed by a small tour in June (to coincide with the World Cup).
I just thought I'd mention it because they're great and I think
you'd like them.

But here's a Butch-question:

I was ironing my treasured Jazz Butcher T-shirt the other day when
I noticed that, heavens!, there's a hole in it.... and worse: the
design is fading. My life is consequently without meaning - void
and empty. Does Butch have any merchandise available that I can buy
to replace this garment? I've only ever seen T-shirts on sale at
one gig (Borderline, London) and that was a couple of years back.

Butch notwithstanding, it was a cool T-shirt (the New Invention