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Date: Saturday, September 28th 2019 7:00pm 1569697200 (4 years 244 days ago)
Venue: Maison de Quartier Barbusse
Location: 2 Boulevard Henri Barbousse Malakoff, Paris France 92240
Admission: 15 Euro
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Pat Fish Solo
📷 Photos
Credit: Mathieu David Blackbird
Tim, Cathimini, Pat, Mathieu David Blackbird
20190928_cathimini_paris6 20190928_cathimini_paris7 20190928_cathimini_paris8 20190928_cathimini_paris9
Credit: Cathimini (Abus Dangereux)
20190928_pierre_P1480744 20190928_pierre_P1480743 20190928_pierre_P1480742 20190928_pierre_P1480741 20190928_pierre_P1480740 20190928_pierre_P1480739 20190928_pierre_P1480738 20190928_pierre_P1480737 20190928_pierre_P1480736 20190928_pierre_P1480735 20190928_pierre_P1480734 20190928_pierre_P1480733 20190928_pierre_P1480732 20190928_pierre_P1480731 20190928_pierre_P1480730 20190928_pierre_P1480729 20190928_pierre_P1480728 20190928_pierre_P1480727 20190928_pierre_P1480726
Credit: Pierre Guillaume
20190928_dufour_garedunord1 20190928_dufour_garedunord2 20190928_dufour_paris2 20190928_dufour_paris3 20190928_dufour_paris4 20190928_dufour_paris
Credit: Philippe Dufour
20190928_lucien_paris12 20190928_lucien_paris5 20190928_lucien_paris
Credit: Lucien Borderline
20190928_tremolo_paris11 20190928_tremolo_paris_1
Credit: Tremolo Lelaboratoire
20190928_arquilliere_1 20190928_arquilliere_2 20190928_arquilliere_3 20190928_arquilliere_4 20190928_arquilliere_5
Credit: Vincent Arquilliere
"Yes I’m pretty high"

Credit: magicrpm



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📝 Pat Says

Well, that went rather well, I think. Tim was brilliant, of course. He and I were royally entertained by Jean-michel Dufour, fed, watered and chauffered around by Betty Dufour, while Philippe Dufour documented everything in suitably European monochrome. As far as I can see, they made this whole thing come to pass, so my gratitude goes out to them by the van-load. By "showtime" I was unfeasibly high, which is how I like to be when I'm playing guitar. Don't know how the French People felt about it but I enjoyed myself no end. Actually, some of the French People - and they were there in pleasing numbers - seemed to like it a lot. Which was nice. Played half a dozen numbers together with Tim at the end, including the Great Ill-Advised Cover. Saw some good old friends and made some good new ones. An away win, I fancy.
Credit: ;;

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