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Date: Friday, March 4th 2005 1109894400 (19 years 91 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
⭐ With
Joe Woolley ( guitar ) , Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals )
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Our next Masters of Budvar night is on Friday 4th March at the Labour Club in Northampton NN1. The bill features:

Ramon de Juan - The welcome return of this wonderful Anglo-Spanish troubadour, promoting his debut album, Foot Of Film. Columbus & Crusoe - Excitingly different young Northampton combo...with glockenspiel... Pat Fish - The Skuff Karaoke man playing originals and covers. Plus guest celebrity DJ Bic Hayes (Levitation/Dark Star/Pet Shop Boys)

Admission is free. Don't miss it.

Ramon de Juan
Columbus & Crusoe
Pat Fish
plus Superstar DJ Bic Hayes

Born in the Spanish, Sahara, raised amid the infamous nightclubs of downtown Benidorm and currently domiciled in Leeds under the production guidance of Choque Hosein, the captivating Ramon de Juan makes a welcome return to our club. With his first album Foot Of Film now released and garnering warm reviews, Ramon is on his way to big things. For those who missed his performance at Masters of Budvar last summer, Ramon plays an unbelievalbly simple, direct, honest set with acoustic guitar and voice. With these most basic of tools and a catalogue of richly melodic original tunes he charms you into his own parallel universe. Irrational feelings of calm, beauty and warmth are the inevitable result. Could this be the start of the thaw?

Columbus & Crusoe are a highly-rated new ensemble from Wellingborough. Young, fresh and original, they seem to be entirely unaware of the excitement that they are causing wherever they play. Another act that is high on melody...and with a glockenspiel too! Tonight they will be performing as a duo.

Spoiling the party with his ineptly recorded backing tapes and questionable guitar technique, we also present Northampton's self-styled "loudest solo artist" Pat Fish. Get there early and marvel at his quaint misappropriation of mid-period Temptations guitar licks while you get the beers in.

On the record decks we have guest Superstar DJ Bic Hayes. Bic is the boss of Ramon's record label. He is also a world class guitarist whose CV includes The Cardiacs, Levitation and Dark Star. He currently plays alongside Mark Refoy in the Pet Shop Boys touring line-up.

As usual, all this comes for free in the unpretentious and genial surroundings of the Labour Club, Charles Street, NN1.

Excerpts from a review of Ramon de Juan's first EP written by Sam Saunders, Leeds Music Scene:

It is an exquisite piece of work. It's so much more than just mood music. Soft and emotionally fragile might not be your thing. But you have to stand back and admit the guy can write and perform a song that tells a delicate story. You'd burst yourself with joy if you could sing such a song to your loved one. There are some distant FX guitar touches and the lightest of electronic suggestions. It fades deliciously away, leaving a nostalgic and lonesome feeling as piano notes fall like gentle touches of silk. It is beautiful.

It isn't rock and roll, but it could save your love life. Four and a half stars

Praise for Ramon's new album, Foot of Film:
Foot of Film does not clamour for attention; instead, it draws you in almost imperceptibly with its diet of delicate strummery, patches of melancholy and whimsy and De Juan's pure, beseeching tones. Fiona Shepherd - The Scotsman'

Artist Website:

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πŸ“ Pat Says

Ramon de Juan made a triumphant return to Masters of Budvar last Friday, silencing the rather garrulous crowd with the simple power of a good tune properly sung. Encores way beyond closing-time and pleasing sales of his new album were the eventual outcome.

Columbus & Crusoe gave a good indication of why they are attracting so much interest around these parts; even playing in a stripped-down format, they charmed and intrigued with their sweet, unassuming and yet instantly memorable tunes. They also brought with them a significant number of young fans, so here's hoping that they enjoyed the night and will consider coming again.

I opened up the proceedings, playing a couple of acoustic numbers with Joe Woolley before turning on the tape recorder and going all sparkly on the assembled. I have to say that I enjoyed it, especially the last couple of numbers, which, frankly, had no place in a folk club...
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🎼 Played

Set 1
1. Play It All Night Long (Warren Zevon)
2. Girls Say Yes
with Joe
3. Scarlett
4. Ghosts
5. Shakey (Ocean Mix)
6. Che (Alan Vega/Martin Rev)
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