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Date: Saturday, June 4th 2005 8:00pm 1117915200 (19 years 23 days ago)
Venue: The Racehorse (Website)
Event: Twinfest
Location: 15 Abington Square Northampton England NN1
Telephone: 01604 604313
Wilson Headstone ( Pat Fish ) ( guitar, vocals ) , Misery Wilson ( Kathy Schaer ) ( bass ) , B-Man ( Ian Botterill ) ( MC ) , Agent Wilson ( Russell Cooper ) ( percussion ) , G-Man ( Steve Gordon ) ( stratocaster )


Wilson will once again be taking part in the Twinfest Euro-bunfight in Northampton this year. We shall be appearing in the garden of the Racehorse at 8:00pm on Saturday 4th June 2005. More details as we get 'em.
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📝 Pat Says

Twinfest was a riot all round. Bot got shouted at for doing his Roger Daltrey impression, but the SM58 is a resilient model and no harm ended up being done. In fact, we all got shouted at for various reasons, and there was much thrashing about. A lovely day out. We also enjoyed the talents of The Ashes of Pompeii from Marburg, who are a bit like a sort of shoe-gazey metal band, if that makes sense, and the mighty Magic Skool Bus, who, for new readers, play shouty ska punk music very, very fast and leave rather sweet rude messages on our website. The wags! Well done to Rob, Paul and all the Twinfest crew, who brought off an enormous bill with easy charm and an almost uniformly great sound. Well done, also to lanky striker Peter Crouch for his generous contribution to the evening's fun. Oh yes.

Our next gig is at The Racehorse on Sunday 26th June, a free gig for all youze folks who couldn't (be bothered to go through all that securidee crap to) get a Glastonbury ticket. We'll be playing a one hour set of our latest and greatest joints, and if all goes well we shall have lighting as well. We have added a support band to the bill. They are The Importers and they come from Earls Barton. They dig New Order and they have an electronic groove similar to the Lo-Fidelity Allstars. We think that they will go well with Wilson. You can find out more about them at: .
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