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No Winners
God is in the details, I've heard that's what they say.
Well, God is in the bathroom - I saw him there today.
You got Jesus in the bathroom, the Pope lies in the vault,
Ghandi's on the A-Train, Satan's in the mall.
The Devil's in the details, in the paperwork and files:
A tidal wave of information spreading out for miles.
Megatons of garbage, as far as you can see:
It's mean, it's wrong, it's meaningless. It means you're never free.

No winners in Zimbabwe, no winners in Hong Kong,
No winners in your Commonwealth, no winners in this song.
No winners at the bunfight, no winners at the trough,
No winners at Ground Zero, no winners, buster - set it off.

Sixty years since Auschwitz: Guantanamo Bay,
The Countryside Alliance and the Real IRA.
Turn off the telly but they never go away.
I'm like Jimmy Carl Black, I got trouble every day.
I feel like beef tonight. Who wants to have a fight?
I feel like beef tonight. Who wants some?

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

No winners in the Lebanon, no winners in Madrid,
No winners at the P2 Lodge for all they gone done did.
No winners in Afghanistan, no winners in Tibet,
No winners in this human race, no winners in just yet. Credit: ;;

Pat Says

The Butcher Says..
Cheerful, huh? I introduced No Winners to the band as being a treatise on the ultimate futility of religious-based conflict. You should have seen their little faces! Bot and I don't quite know what the other one's about...exactly...but it's jungle, so we like it.

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