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Date: Saturday, December 10th 2005 1134172800 (18 years 200 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
Wilson Headstone ( Pat Fish ) ( guitar, vocals ) , Misery Wilson ( Kathy Schaer ) ( bass ) , B-Man ( Ian Botterill ) ( MC ) , Agent Wilson ( Russell Cooper ) ( percussion ) , G-Man ( Steve Gordon ) ( stratocaster )
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Wilson will be playing at The Labour Club, Northampton on Saturday 10th December.

Admission is free, the bar is open until 12:30am and there will be Superstar DJs in support.
Credit: pat

πŸ“ Pat Says

Great night at the Labour club on Saturday. After the Weekender boys played Buffalo Sniper on the radio, the place was absolutely packed with punters baying for evil dub. Which is exactly what they got.
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🎼 Played

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