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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 94 09:09:32 EDT
From: BertieV[at]
Subject: Leter: 13Sep94, Politics

>Making Ronald MacDonald looking like Geoffrey Dahlmer (in fact, >now I
come to mention it, they do have a couple of points in >common, don't they?).

Aside from both being carnivores, you mean? Or was it the red wig or the

Also, David, please pass on thanks to Pat for a well thought-out response to
an issue I hoped wouldn't be too emotional (and which I'd hoped I hadn't
helped to MAKE too emotional). I hadn't really thought about the interviewer
bias issue, either, and a mid-sized mea culpa for that; in my own profession,
I get interviewed from time to time myself (ahem), and I understand only too
well the fact that the biases on the part of the person asking the questions
can often come out in print appearing more important than the answers, and
indeed that answers can be, um, "improved" to fit those preconceptions. I
more than most should know that, given certain unsavory experiences with
eejit journalists. NB: It's even more unpleasant to be misquoted when one has
people (and lots of em) to answer to.

A bientot, y'all.