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Date: Fri, 5 Aug 1994 18:10:55 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: T-shirts! Get yer t-shirts heeeeeere

Hey all,

Well, there's still no final quote for the back, but I hope to have made
a final decision by the end of next week at the latest. (I'd hoped for
this week, but the mailing list I think went down!?? Anyhow, I haven't
been getting any responses lately.)

So, I think it is time that I asked for money from people! I am freezing
the costs at the 40-shirt rate, which makes the price, conveniently, $10.50
Canadian per shirt, plus postage. The postage is going to be higher, because
as I suspected might be the case, each shirt weighs over 250g so everything
got shifted over a price category (for postage). When I have received
enough cheques (even if they haven't cleared) I will make the order. Once
your cheque has cleared (and if the shirts are done) I'll send you your

Anyhow, here are the costs in Canadian funds:

* US ground US air UK air
1 shirt 14.20 15.53 18.30
2 shirts 27.00 29.30 36.65

And in your local currency:

* US ground US air UK air
1 10.25 11.21 8.58
2 19.48 21.14 17.17

You can either send me a postal money order or international bank cheque in
Canadian funds, or a cheque in your own currency. Or cash, but there are
no guarantees that your money will arrive safely. Please address your
cheques to Christopher Camfield at:

* 21 Roslin Ave. S
* Waterloo, Ontario
* N2L 2G6

Don't forget to put enough stamps on your envelope! People in the US,
I believe it isn't quite as expensive as overseas. If you want to wait
until a final back is decided, that's okay.

List of the orders follows. If you want to change your order, do it


ccamfiel[at] 2 L, M white (both)

United States:

aldvam0[at] 1 XL white
BertieV[at] 2 XL, XXL white (both)
bj835[at] 1 XL white
bp094[at] 1 XXL white
davisg[at] 1
del[at] 2 XL
drew[at]-remove-npg-sd.ScrippsRanchCA.NCR.COM 2 XL, XXL white (both)
ei667[at] 1 ? natural
hartman[at] 2 XL, L white (both)
jbeauli[at] 1
jennie_bolton[at] 2 XL white (both)
krevis[at] 2 XL white (both)
mlc139[at] 1
mrd[at] 1 XL ash
philip[at] 1 XL white
racerx[at] 2 XL ash, jade
rfrango[at] 2 XL white (both)
rjk[at] 2 XL white, ash
sobelman[at] 1 L white
trappler[at] 2 L white (?) (both)
woj[at] 1 XL white


CLIFF[at] 1 XL white
edwardc[at] 1 XXL natural
Jim.Davies[at] 1 XXL white
joe[at] 1 XL white
john_devitofranceschi[at] 1

The JBC 3 XL white (all)

Grand total 41

Colour shirts: each shirt that you are ordering that is any colour other
than white, please add an additional 0.75 Canadian (0.50 US, 35p UK) cost.

Also (oops!) EVERYONE please add another 0.50 Canadian (0.35 US, 25p UK)
for each shirt for envelopes.

Finally, anyone who wants to make a voluntary contribution on the order
of maybe a dollar or two or a pound with your order, I'd be happy to
receive it for the time I've spent organizing all this. :)

Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
"Wherever we set foot, we tread upon some bit of history" (Cicero)
"Oh Sweetwater, sometimes it feels like ancient Rome..." (The JBC)