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Date: Fri, 5 Aug 1994 09:30:08 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: Gig Report from Matt Cockerill

Not sure if it was announced on the list, but Pat and friends played in
Northampton again on Wednesday night, inaugurating the series of gigs to
be known as "Fridge 2" (Black Eg and various others upcoming).

The gig was outdoors, in what you might call the beergarden, though it's
more like a bit of derelict ground they happenm to have access to. The band
played under a big tarpaulin, and surrounded by drapes (possibly done by
Pascal Legras) on which were projected all kind of groovy swirly patterns -
it was really quite cool, rather like an early Pink Floyd concert.

Playing were Pat and Dooj, of course, and Gabriel on drums, and a guitarist
and saxophonist who I apologize for not knowing the names of.

Whoever was lamenting that they would never see a really rocking JBC lineup
is in for a nice surprise. This was lively stuff, and it went down really
well with cognoscenti and newbies alike.

Set list included:
We're going to have a really good time together (VU cover)
Mr Odd (Funny, that...)
She's On Drugs
Our Friends The Filth
Rosemary Davis
Soul Happy Hour
and Sister Death (once again described as the "packed lunch" version)

It's just to be hoped that the threatened 20000 fine on Slurps for noise
pollution never materialises, and that the weather and the scaffolding hold
for the rest of August. (An adjoining building was demolished recently,
taking some rather important structural parts of Slurps with it, hence the

Next London gig confirmed to be at the Borderline on Wednesday 17th.
Also discussed with Pat the existence of a group in America called, if I
remember correctly "Mothers against Jaegermeister", and the ongoing life
hassles of David J and Love and Rockets. He was mentioning something about
the real hi tech methods that went into the recording of Bela Lugosi's
dead, with David J crouching on the floor recording the sound of water


P.S. did anybody get my message (it seemed to bounce around a lot) saying
that you can read stuff and get pictures from one of Pat's favourite books
(Roadside America, with Tiny the Gator etc) online, from