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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 03:02:22 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: In the springtime... the female penguins return to the starving males.

this letter is a more a report of my week than anything else.
there are a couple of facts you may find of interest..

tues 31mar - drive to chicago, leave the car at martin's, fly, smoke,
* drink, record the nice British Airlines relaxation tape,
* see the nice documentary on emperor penguins (they ... head South)
wed 1jun - land, meet ed & his doting parents, unsuccessful attempt to locate
* CS gas canisters at local kiddie party supply store.
* find joe at the wellington, walk walk eat bad pizza, walk walk
* attempting to find the sound shaft, meet a stumbling syd,
* re-meet matt, make my presence known to the astonished
* <iMG SRC="">
* von d&auml;mmerungs, dance, sweat, drink, high scores at pinball,
* accompay ed with my home on my back, walk at 4am past menacing cats
* to the couch i will sleep on for the next 3 nights.
thu 2jun - sleep, eat, drink, sleep
fri 3jun - beautiful day! traverse london many times depositing
* Vergiftung cassettes at unsuspecting record labels.
* FINALLY find the Malt&Hops (not on pentonville road) and
* play pinball with ed. no high scores.
sat 4jun - rain, wait outside the albert hall forever with others
* for creation to deliver the magic undrugged envelopes.
* the royal albert hall is BIG. the royal albert hall is boomy.
* the royal albert hall is unsuited to bands playing acoustic
* guitars. it is suited to bands with orchestras (as the boo
* radleys had). improbably, joe and mr kelly have tickets located
* very near to me. joe gets scolded by the red coats for using a flash.
* joe puts his camera away but later braves a cigarette.
* there are 14 or 18 bands, the JBC are about 6th. as they come
* on, shouts of "YHET ABRIDGE" accosted them from around the auditorium.
* alex green is not heard due to the over-burdened soundmen.
* they play "She's On Drugs" then the next dozen groups hurry on and off.
* good performaces by oasis, boo radleys and aurthur lee. ride are awful.
* talk with alex green some then climb into one of 4 busses
* which shuttle us to the after-gig party at the Forum.
* marvel at the idiot on the unicycle and the DJs. dance, see paul
* mulreany in the crowd, get brushed off by laurence "if you're not
* female don't bother talking to me" o'keefe. escort horton jupiter
* (the guy who sponsored the black eg show) home along with 8 others
* he picked up for a party at his home. paid a stranger in big car
* to deliver us at his door, since taxis refuse more than 4.
* 2 of the strangers are st. etienne, and i relish the opportunity
* to tell them my displeasure with anything past their first album.
* 2 more of the strangers are japanese girls, one in a white bunny suit.
* they proceed to do horton's dishes: "we like it be, how you say, tidy?"
* no sleep until weellll past dawn.
sun 5jun - awaken in quickly approaching smelly rumpled clothes, peruse and
* sample some of horton's marvellous record collection and his plastic
* piano before leaving late in the day for northampton.
* ride the hour to the city of fish where pat is thoughtfully at the
* station to pick me up on a borrowed mountain bike. we walk to
* Belgium have some Budvar, then to the home he shares with little jake
* and kathie. lots of talk under the influence of alcohol, but i
* vaguely remember stuff about computers and music. zzz.
mon 6jun - a sunday-like day without much walking! re-met crazy bob, and
* dave ilmore (of indy racing-car fame) both of whom stopped by for
* recreational conversation. took some gratuitous pictures of pat
* and kathie in front of the LuvBus. pat was called upstairs by the
* telephone - 5 minutes later he calls me up and tells me that
* "dev from Musician Magazine would like to talk to you" "me?"
* dev was doing an article on bands and the internet and he somehow
* got wind of the jbc-list. look for it at a stand near you soon.
* then out to an overhot pub with spittle rattle and shrike folk
* and Death Cigarettes (really, thats their name). sleeplessly dubbed
* some tapes until the taxi came to take me away.
tue 7jun - played the dupe in the "spot the tourist" game as i allowed the
* euston tube escalator to attack my ankles. at heathrow, gawked at the
* concorde and climbed on board the lowly 747.
* the passenger next to me was czech. i threw what little czech
* i knew at him. i started safe. "yees, kazak koureni means
* `no smoking'", he says, smiling. when asked what "Yhet abridge" means,
* he quietly tells me to enjoy my meal and ignores me the rest of
* the flight.
* i needed the sleep anyway.