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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 94 11:26:10 BST
From: joe[at] (Joe Nicholson)
Subject: e.g. black undrugged

Re: Black Eg and Undrugged....

Black Eg: Sound Shaft (mezanine of Heaven, under Charing Cross
* arches), 1st June

I met up with David, Ed and his mate in the Duke of Wellington
resolute that I would not go to the Black Eg gig, just have a drink
and then hop on the train at Waterloo.

Unfortunately, one thing led to another and I was persuaded to come
along. I had already paid good money to buy the Black Eg album, listened to
it, thought it was utter crap and fortunately for humanitarian reasons
it was stolen from my car (there is a probably a deranged French thief
wandering the streets of Toulon shouting ``Emil is no pig''). I wasn't
too happy spending good money after bad, but for only £3 a throw, who
can grumble.

Going to Heaven was definitely an uplifting experience - seeing at
first hand want these `young' people get up to these days. Apart from
the interminal wait, the show was far better than I expected, although
techno funk isn't really my scene. The guitar feedback certainly made
it sound like `real' music. Through exhaustion and the prospect of a
10 mile cycle ride home, I left about 1.30AM. Apparently the gig
finished shortly after I left.

The gig was probably worth the money but probably not worth the
endless wait for the ``the first and only debut of the brothers and
their cousin Kurt''.

Undrugged: Albert Hall, 4th June

Mike Kelly and myself arrived about 7.30PM, just in time to see the
end of Peter Astor. In the very under populated Albert Hall, who
should be sitting in the row behind us but David! ``In all the bars,
in all the towns, etc., etc.''. It's a small world really.

All of the early bands played only one song (Peter Astor, BMX Bandits,
etc.). The Jazz Butcher came on and there were shouts of ``Emil is not pig''
from around us - we were apparently implanted in the hot bed of JBC
supporters. They played one song - She's on Drugs, probably the best
song of the show (biased as I am) although you couldn't hear the
saxophone. David is the man to give you the full line up...

Highlights: Oasis and one of the Reids from Jesus and Mary Chain
* saying f**k a lot

Lowlights: The Creations (over the hill hippies), Ride (under the hill
* hippies)

Mega-lowlights: Ride and The Creations playing together! There was
* this perfect synergy - take two bad bands, let them play together and
* they are worse than the sum of their wholes!

All in all not a bad evening - shame the JBC only played one song and
Oasis are probably worthing checking out.


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