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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 23:13:17 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: stuff and stuff

howdy from indiana where they tease you with spring.

dont trust it.

i made quite a few cassettes this weekend for those who requested them.
details upon request - addresses still needed from some.

in-progress: an update to the WWW JBC pages. the update will include
some more scans, the entire archives, and maybe even some audio snippets
once i am happy with the gawdawful quality of this workstation's sampling.

pat just got back from the european tour, and generally he was pretty
pleased with their performance. they passed through germany, france,
switzerland, and holland, played to 100-ish crowds, and made enough
to get home in the wheezing love bus.

next gig in london will be the 10th of march at the Garage in london.

through europe the line-up was: pat, dooj, nick on drums, and curtis
as emergency geetarist. micheal from spittle rattle was along as well.
curtis and michael were self-contained opening acts, and sometimes pat
would do his solo bit.

the diversity of the acts has pat thinking hard about exactly what
the US tour should be.. solo? rock out? eg? right now he doesnt know.
when? tentatively late may (yeah, right).
he wants to be in the states for the World Cup, and is looking for
some dinking participating country so that he can write their theme music.

he is taking the concept of "the difficult 10th album" very seriously.

with his decade's worth of euro-tour experience, pat is thinking of
writing a tour book for bands. included would be things like how
to ask for a ham and cheese sandwich without the ham in any country,
to tell the soundman to fuck off politely, maps, places to drink, etc.

waiting still.. US release: 8 March. honest!

also, very soon will be a creation compilation which includes a track
from the non-released covers album.
`everybodys talking' will be the tune on it.