The Jazz Butcher


Sex Engine
(Bath Of Bacon Version)

I'm the sex engine, baby, gonna lay it on ya.
I'm the sex engine, gonna crawl across your floor.
I'm the sex engine in my red and black pyjamas.
Give ya sex engine 'til you can't take any more.

And when you see me walking down the street
You say "There goes the sex engine, he's the guy I wanna meet"'.

CLAUDE BIDI... Sex Engine
MAX VILE... Sex Engine
MO MENTAL... Sex Engine

I'm the sex engine, baby, gonna wake you early.
Sex Engine - I'm a fiend in human form.
I'm the sex engine, with an urge for what you feel most.
I'm the sex engine and I really need it all.

I'm not alone, there's a million just like me,
They could be The President, or someone on TV.

MAX EIDER... Sex Engine
LOUIS LEROI... Sex Engine
KING JOB... Sex Engine

Well, whaddya say? We're going up!

I'm the sex engine, gonna take you with me, baby,
To a sex planet, where the only thing we'll do
is the sex engine in the day and in the night-time.
Do the sex engine... wanna do that thing with you.

And when you see me walking down the street
You say "There goes the sex engine, he's the guy I wanna meet"'.

THE GRAVY MAN... Sex Engine

Well, who'd have believed it?
Not me for one!

We're just talking about the sex engine people, the sex engine people, they come in flying saucers out of the sky, and people see them and they get reported on the TV and the radio - they're a media sensation - Everywhere you look it's the sex engine. You have to stay on the scene like a sex engine. Why, I mean, they've got Donald Sinden and Derek Nimmo and Trevor MacDonald... they're all on there, on the TV adverts, advertising the sex engine... It's quite unbelievable.

Donald and Derek are ridiculously correct English actors. Trevor is a deeply respectable TV news anchorman.

O.K., Gentlemen.
Get it out of here, I don't want it.

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Bath Of Bacon
It's really just the sound of a few mates failing to take seriously the fact they they've got an l.p. to make. It seems VERY early eighties now, but you must remember that there was a LOT of crap for us to clear out of the way in those days.
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Glass Records LP;CD
Spooky EP
Thanks for the money. We'll be spending it on weapons and drugs. The first thing that you have to understand about this disc is that it is not an L.P.: it is a single and a radio session nailed together for your amusement.
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The Wasted Years
Featuring ‘Bath Of Bacon’, ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’, ‘Sex And Travel’ and ‘Distressed Gentlefolk’.
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Fire Records 4xCD
Brave New Waves Session
The Jazz Butcher’s Brave New Waves session was recorded on June 5th, 1988 in CBC Studio 13 in Montreal. The recording is taken from CBC Archives reels and remastered at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal, by Harris Newman.
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Artoffact Records LP,CD

Pat Says

The Butcher Says..
Sex Engine is a slice of insulting cak with an interesting ending. The tall, dark & easily-blackmailed Brent Bambury appears on backing vocals. Skinny Puppy fans get writing. And thanks for the liquor, guys... We don't really think you have anything at all in common with Bruno Gerussi... Source: Spooky liner notes

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