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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Sea Madness


Sea Madness
It snowed on the day that he was born in Istanbul.
From the very start he could feel the ocean's pull.
And as the snowflakes melted, so in sympathy did he,
Running down the aqueduct, returning to the sea.

Marmara Sea, Prince's Islands.
Oh, that Marmara Sea. Oh, so high.

Down the Champs Elysee, St. Germain and St. Michel
To Albion's perfidious, uncaring wedding bells.
Sea madness.
In the middle of England sadness.

Ankara girls used to come in the summertime.
Oh, those Ankara girls - long, long gone.
Still this beautiful sea madness.
This beautiful sea madness.

Brain of the game, Professor in the earth,
One day those water wings will fail you,
But it could have been much worse.
Sea madness.
Ten thousand times Leicester-St. Pancras.

Still this beautiful sea madness.
This beautiful sea madness.

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