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Only A Rumour
From a painted face to the barest flesh
And there's so much flesh, I don't think I can handle this
But people change and ride on aeroplanes
And that's Domestic Flight, I guess you hadn't thought of that

But how I wish you'd close your eyes
Like I saw you close your eyes
And how I wish you'd lay your head on my shoulder
One time now...

When I'm alone and I walk in the room
Well I'm terrified - I don't know what I'll find in there
But when I'm with people and they look my way
I could die of shame - they know what I'm thinking

But I don't take it quite so hard these days
What can you ask of all this, anyway?
But how I wish they would not ask me that question

I've tried to be silent and reasonable for so very long
But I never understood why people like you must have
Everything marked Right or Wrong.

From a bedroom cell to this public hell
And there's so much talk I need to have another drink
I know it's mad for me to feel so sad
But I'm far from home and I need to have another drink

And how I wish I knew for sure
How many years I had before
This state I'm in will put me under the ground

I just stop short of calling out your name
The people round here would never believe me anyway
Life could never be the same...

It's only a rumour - "What's this I hear about you and Susie?"
Don't ask
'Coz I don't want to know...
And I don't need to know...

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