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Love Kittens
(spoken) It was a foggy night, in old London-town, when I came across
a little old man. Oh, he was looking very down. He looked so sad.
He must have suffered something very bad. At first I couldn't think
what to say, but then I told him:

Meow (x11)


You better
Love kittens - Cause kittens are loveable
Love kittens - They're the only friends you have
Love kittens - Cause kittens aren't horrible
Love kittens

Kittens are sweet
Kittens play with balls of string in a kittenish way
Always tiny, rarely rude,
Kittens are the best friends that I ever knew

Kittens are sweet
Kittens are small
Kittens are only six inches tall
Kittens are finding out all the time
Kittens find out about you


Love kittens - The crown of God's creation
Love kittens - If you want to be smart
Love kittens - For all their consolation
Love kittens - Kittens mend a broken heart (x3)

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2 Recorded Live Performances
2012-08-24 Private Party - , England
Credit: Philip Snow
1983-11-24 Kingston Polytechnic - London, England
Credit: Mitch Jenkins