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Grey Flannelette
Version from Bath Of Bacon

Grey flannelette
Grey flannelette

Sat on the bus
Sat on the seat
Counting my money
So I can go eat

Grey flannelette
Grey flannelette

In the zoo
Looking at the animals
Thinking about sculpture
Made out of steak

Grey flannelette
Grey flannelette

In the bath
I'm having a wash
Look at my clothes
Hanging on a peg

I said
Grey flannelette
It's just
Grey flannelette

Think I'll saw my leg off
Right then

Version from Spooky (EP)

Grey flannelette
Grey flannelette
I'm sat on the bus
I'm sat on the seat
And I'm counting my money
So that I can go and eat

It's just grey flannelette
Yes, it's just grey flannelette

Now I'm in the zoo
I'm looking at all the animals they got in there
And I'm thinking about sculpture made out of steak
I said they made a mistake

It was grey flannelette
Yes, it was grey flannelette

Then I went into a dream

He's got his blue Spanish eyes
And they're flashing while he talks
And moving around
Is getting just a little too hard
Now he's standing by the bathroom door
And he's got his towel and his stuff there over his arm
And he's thinking about the good times
And he's thinking about all those other times
Now he's in the bath
Yes and he's having a wash
He looks over at his clothes
And they're hanging on a peg
I said they're hanging on a peg
It was grey flannelette
That's all it ever was
It was grey flannelette
I said I see it clearly now
It's grey flannelette
I see it very clearly
It's just grey flannelette

He got out of the bath
and he went down to the basement
And he opened up the toolbox
And he found a suitable instrument
And he took it back upstairs
And he took all his clothes off
And he sat in the bath
And then he sawed his own leg off
And that was that, haha

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Bath Of Bacon
It's really just the sound of a few mates failing to take seriously the fact they they've got an l.p. to make. It seems VERY early eighties now, but you must remember that there was a LOT of crap for us to clear out of the way in those days.
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Glass Records LP;CD
Spooky EP
Thanks for the money. We'll be spending it on weapons and drugs. The first thing that you have to understand about this disc is that it is not an L.P.: it is a single and a radio session nailed together for your amusement.
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Pat Says

The Butcher Says..
Just don't forget to come round for Grey Flannelette . This is my favourite recording on this side, owing partly to Paul & Laurence's zoom groove. (That's Laurence on ash-trays, train-spotters.) What started out as an innocent-enough Mary Perry joke on Bath Of Bacon (the "real" first L.P.) took an ugly turn when somebody wrote in and told me that it had actually happened to a friend of his. So then it went like this. Yuk. Grrrr. Source: Spooky liner notes

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