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Date: Friday, August 20th 1993 745804800 (30 years 253 days ago)
Venue: l'esprit formidable (demo tape)
Location: Northampton England
Quality: 9 (out of 10), Performance: A, Interest: A (out of 10) Generation: 1
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19930820_blackeg_cover 19930820_blackeg_a 19930820_blackeg_b
Credit: David Whittemore

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highly recommended!
Credit: David Whittemore

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Set 1
1. After Vietnam Black Eg demo
2. Drugs Rumble #1 Black Eg demo
3. Bel Air Black Eg demo
4. Mogadon Black Eg demo
5. Lulu's Dog Black Eg demo
6. No Answer (In Cambodia) Black Eg demo
7. I Will Survive Black Eg demo
8. Sexual Taboos Black Eg demo
9. La Rage Le Sarcasme Et La Betise Humaine Black Eg demo
10. After Vietnam Ambient Mix
11. Tonight You Belong To Me Black Eg demo
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