The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Fishcotheque

Release Type: album
Released: 1988
Label: creation_records, Relativity Records
Studio: Alaska, Waterloo
Catalogue: CRECD027, 88561-8223-2
1. Next Move Sideways
2. Out Of Touch
3. Get It Wrong
4. Living In A Village
5. Swell
1. Looking For Lot 49
2. The Best Way
3. Chickentown
4. Susie
5. Keeping The Curtains Closed

Iain O'Higgins - engineer - producer
Pat Fish - producer
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Pat Fish - Songs, Vocals, Instruments
Kizzy O'Callaghan - Guitars, Vocals
Alex Green - Saxophones
Greenwood Goulding - Bass Guitar
Dave Morgan - drums on Get It Wrong , Chickentown
Erol Suleyman - Bass on Looking For Lot 49
Blair MacDonald - Drums on Looking For Lot 49
Laurence O'Keefe - Bass on Swell
Sonic Boom - Feedback on Susie
The Perfect Disaster - Backing Vocals on The Best Way



Samples courtesy of Unit Csawza, Northampton and Frank Bruno Family Favourites, Springfield, Mass. Sandwiches by 'The Pantry' Waterloo Road, London. SE1, Liquors by 'The Wellington Tavern', Waterloo Road, London. SE1, Thanks to: Mark, Dee, Phil, Eleanor, Robin, Barbara, Jaz, Dan, Sonic, Gilles, A Riot of Colour for X11 string, Jeff, all at Creation Records, and especially to Frank from Hamburg, for taking me out one crucial Wednesday night.
The Butcher Says..
Having ended up on Creation Records, which I took as a bit of a validation, I was keen to get as far away from all those "w" words that had followed my group around, and to make it as clear as I could that this was a rock & roll thing, not some "eccentricity". I had my shades and I had my fringed suede jacket and I had the Weather Prophets rhythm section.

In the last flickering days before Marriage and Acid House would change the world Kizzy and I hung out in his dealer's flat in Islington and WALKED to the studio in Waterloo everyday. The sessions were chaotic and funny. At one stage Kizzy arrived 56 hours late for a mix, having been held by the Police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

David has this down right as a sort of self-justificatory thing. What disappoints me is that it came out sounding so SMOOTH and tidy. I'd hoped it would be more harsh and mad. I guess perhaps it's the saxes, which, I recall, enraged some reviewers. Sonic Boom does good things on Susie (that's 4 of them big ballads at least, now), that was more the idea. Still, not to slag O'Higgins, who began a lengthy association with the JBC on this recording.

This sold rather well, which was pleasing, and seems widely liked. I can't fuck with that, but I had hoped that it would be more a "change of direction" than it was. But I like Fishcotheque; I wish there more records as good as it. ;;Pat Letter: 1993-08-30;;/letters/93Aug30/albums.html#fishco;;1993-08-30